What is BURNAID?

BurnAid - Cools, Soothes, Relieves

BURNAID is the natural first line treatment for acute burns. It helps to take the first steps towards healing by managing pain and keeping the afflicted area cool post first aid.

The Burnaid gel tubes (4% Melaleuca Oil) do this naturally with the combination of a moisture donating hydrogel and the therapeutic, anti-inflammatory (ref1) and anti-microbial action (ref 3,5) of medical grade Melaleuca oil. The Burnaid Hydrogel Dressings do not exhibit therapeutic activity, but help ongoing cooling, donate moisture, help manage pain and provide a physical barrier against contamination.

Burnaid rapidly cools burns helping prevent further tissue damage and aid the healing process. Burnaid also offers rapid and ongoing pain relief.

Where Is BurnAid Used?

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BurnAid Now Used In Ambulance And Emergency Services Around The World

After many years of research and trial evaluation the Ambulance Service of NSW and Ambulance Victoria have implemented Burnaid into their burns protocols.

Every vehicle in NSW and Victoria carry an assortment of Burnaid dressings to provide excellent pain management for all types of burns. Both services wanted to implement a protocol that provided the best care possible for all patients. Feedback, has been very positive especially with burnaid providing excellent pain relief. help treat burns injuries and to provide excellent pain management for all types of burns.

Manufactured in Australia and supplied to every Ambulance Service starting from Victoria in Australia

"We have had nothing but total satisfaction from the ER staff as well as the patients. The nurses have described Burnaid as "quick and easy to use" providing "total" and "instant relief" of pain from burns."

Harlan Gibbs, M.D. Medical Director, Emergency Department Glendale Adventist Medical Centre CA, USA

"BURNAID is a highly effective, simple to use product that has revolutionised first responder burn care for paramedics & patients"

Intensive Care Paramedic, Ambulance Service, Australia

"My daughter burned herself in a chemistry lab experiment. She was given Burnaid. It worked great. There were no scars left behind and the burn sensation disappeared almost immediately."

J.G., San Mateo, USA